How to Make Your Home a Pet Friendly Place

No matter if you have a dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet in the home, it’s essential to make your home pet-friendly. After all, these furry family members deserve special care and consideration; they need to feel secure and contented living in an environment that promotes their wellbeing. To achieve this goal, make sure your home is pet-friendly with plenty of space for exercise and playtime as well as plenty of food and water sources nearby.

How can you ensure your house is pet-friendly?

To prevent unnecessary trips to the vet, inspect your house thoroughly and look for any hazards before welcoming a new pet into your family. Doing this beforehand will make sure all aspects of life in your home are pet-friendly.

1. Clear Away Hazardous Items

It is common for homes to have various hazardous objects that could pose a danger to your pet, such as cleaning chemicals and medicines that you do not want them getting hold of, glassware that they could break and eat, and other household products they could swallow or put into their mouths. 1. Make Sure the House Is Free from Hazardous Substances
It is essential that homes be free from dangerous objects like these that could pose risks to your furry friend.

2. Make Sure the Floors Are Safe for Your Pet to Walk On

It’s wise to ensure your floors are made of hard flooring and anti-skid tiles, which will prevent your pet from falling. You may also add a stair protector to the stairs so they don’t slip while climbing them.

3. Secure Electric Outlets, Cords and Lamps

Many appliances with electric cords that could be hazardous for your pet to chew on or swallow should be kept out of their reach. Similarly, lamps pose a choking hazard so make sure all electrical items are secured away from reach of your furry friend.

4. Remove Plants Poisonous to Your Pets

Unfortunately, many household plants such as sago, lilies, cyclamen and lantana are toxic to dogs and cats. To protect their wellbeing, it’s best to take these out of the house and replace them with pet-friendly alternatives like parlor palms, spider plants, African violets or succulents instead.

5. Consider Mounted Scratching Spaces

To keep your pets active and entertained, you can mount a scratching or activity space. These come in various materials, shapes and designs to match any interior design style or taste.

6. Limit Fur & Toys

It can be tempting for pet parents to overindulge in furry and chewable toys in their homes. But, be mindful that these things can damage furniture and carpets if left unchecked. Therefore, opt for durable toys that won’t get damaged easily.

7. Provide Your Pet With Their Own Room and Area for Comfort

To make your home more pet-friendly, consider setting aside a private space for them to sleep and eat in. For instance, having an exclusive dog feeding area and litter box will help your pup feel secure and contented.

It’s also beneficial to ensure your pets always have access to fresh water. Doing so can prevent them from drinking dirty or contaminated water which could be detrimental to their health.